Welcome to the world of Thoro®

In 1912, construction engineer Edward H. Canon had no idea his Thoro product line would help to generate a major player in the global specialty construction product market. His company, Standard Dry Wall Crafts, had a simple goal: to solve problems for the construction industry by providing the best products for the job.

Standard Dry Wall Crafts was renamed into Thoro System Products, a company that obtained a global reputation for quality and reliability where it counts - jobsite after jobsite.

With almost 100 years of experience in concrete repair and waterproofing, Thoro has the know-how to provide the right solution, whatever the problem. The goal of Thoro has never changed – offer innovative and job specific solutions for the construction industry. Its unrivalled track record is backed by a product range renowned for quality and durability.

Thoro products are universally approved by internationally recognized test institutes in countries like Germany, UK, Norway, Finland, Spain, Belgium, USA, Italy and many others.